Organization Chart of the IDI Secretariat


IDI Organisational Chart 2017


IDI’s Strategic Support Unit (SSU) has been established to respond and add value to IDI’s strategic priorities. It takes on tasks that cut across IDI departments, maximise synergies and promote consistently high quality within and between departments, and frees the management team to focus on delivering their core tasks. The SSU will support the management team in the following:

a) Ensuring an effective Quality Control System operates across IDI
b) Facilitating and coordinating IDI’s strategic planning and performance reporting
c) Facilitating and coordinating IDI’s organisational level monitoring, results measurement, evaluation, lesson learning, and research work
d) Ensuring good governance of the IDI and delivering on organisational level initiatives
e) Developing IDI’s strategy for core funding, including related stakeholder management, and support the program departments in securing program-specific funding
f) Developing IDI’s communication strategy, and facilitating and coordinating its implementation

The Administration Department in the IDI takes care of the day to day management and operations of the IDI cutting across the different functional departments. It supports the functional departments in different operational aspects including Information Technology needs, Human Resource Management, Accounts and Payroll, Estate and Logistics.



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