SAI Capacity Development Database

SAI Capacity Development Database

The SAI Capacity Development Database contains information on capacity development projects and programmes which target individual or groups of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs). It is hosted by the IDI and builds on the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee Directory for Capacity Building Projects (CBC Directory).

The database aims to improve coordination in the planning and delivery of support to SAIs. Providers of capacity development support (SAIs and donors) are encouraged to enter all current and planned programs into the database (to ease the burden on SAIs receiving support).

The database can be found at

Strategic Review of the SAI Capacity Development Database and Strategy for an IDC Portal

Strategic_Review_of_the_SAI_Capacity_Development_Database_and_Strategy_for_an_IDC_PortalThe Evaluation of the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation undertaken in 2015 corroborated that the SAI Capacity Development Database remains as a highly relevant activity to the objectives of the MoU, but is facing implementation challenges.
Establishing the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Portal, a platform that integrates the SAI Capacity Development Database with other IDC work streams, communication about IDC and its results, and country- level information about SAIs, including their capacity-development activities is meant to strengthen this tool. Information in the portal would be relevant to both INTOSAI and donor members, and would aim to strengthen knowledge about SAI capacity development.

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