Communications Strategy

Communications Strategy

INTOSAI Donor Cooperation Communications Strategy 2016 2018

This communications strategy was developed by the INTOSAI-Donor Steering Committee (SC) working group on communications to enable increased awareness of the value and results of the Cooperation and, where possible, influence behavior change as a key objective of the Cooperation. The evaluation had found that the Cooperation’s overall objectives could be better achieved through a greater focus on communications to demonstrate the results of the Cooperation, and to influence behavior change among the INTOSAI and donor communities.

The strategy addresses main communications objectives of the Cooperation:

  • To maintain support for the Cooperation:
    • Raise awareness of the value of the Cooperation as a strategic partnership between the INTOSAI and Donor communities in the interest of SAI development
    • Raise awareness of the Cooperation’s work and contribution to results and successes in SAI capacity development
    • Raise awareness of the contribution of the Cooperation to the development of global public goods to strengthen SAIs
  • To influence behaviour change to ensure that the objectives of the INTOSAI-Donor MoU are achieved:
    • Advocate for strengthened capacity building of SAIs
    • Promote the principles of SAI-led support, alignment of support behind SAI strategic plans and coordination of support provided at the country, regional and global levels

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