Presentation on the Development on the Auditing SDGs Programme

19 September 2018

The IDI is working to raise awareness and advocacy on the role of SAI in Auditing SDGs in a national context.

On September 12th, Einar Gørrissen gave a presentation on the development of the Auditing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Programme to fifteen auditors from the Office of Auditor General Norway (OAGN). He emphasized the rationale of why auditing SDGs so important and different, as well as the current development of cooperative performance audit on the preparedness for the implementation of the SDGs. The presentation was continued by Yudi to explain the audit approach and audit methodology, which addressed the Whole of Government Approach (WoG), the inclusiveness and Stakeholder Engagement. Some questions raised by OAGN regarded the concept of inclusiveness and audit tools being used by the audit teams that have participated in the audit on the preparedness for the implementation SDGs.  The discussion elaborated a new audit approach that will enable a wider involvement of stakeholders in examining the participation and making sure no one is left behind in the implementation of the SDGs. This meeting may take up awareness raising and advocacy on the role of SAI in auditing SDGs in their national context.

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