Review Meetings in Nanjing, China

5 June 2018

Two review meetings under cooperative performance audit on preparedness for implementation of SDGs were held in Nanjing.

In the first meeting from 21-25 May, 2018  there were 14 SAIs with 41 participants from SAI China, SAI Malaysia, SAI Indonesia, SAI India, SAI Sri Lanka, SAI Maldives, SAI Mongolia, SAI Philippines, SAI Nepal, SAI Jamaica, SAI Santa Lucia, SAI Georgia, SAI Poland and SAI Slovak. SAIs representatives from ASOSAI, EUROSAI and CAROSAI also participated in this meeting.

The second meeting was attended by 12 SAIs from ASOSAI and AFROSAI-E from 28 May to 01 June 2018. The 36 participants were from SAI Afghanistan, SAI Bangladesh, SAI Bhutan, SAI Cambodia, SAI Ghana, SAI Lao, SAI Liberia, SAI Sierra Leone, SAI Tanzania, SAI Uganda and SAI Zambia.

The meetings were held at the audit academy of the Chinese National Audit Office in Nanjing, China.

The IDI resource team of Yudi Ramdan along with experts Maria Lima Lucia, Chris Mihm and Aranzazu Guillan Montero attended the meetings. The resource team consisted of mentors from SAI Brazil, SAI Bhutan, SAI Macedonia, SAI St. Lucia, SAI Malawi, SAI Belize, SAI India and SAI Philippines across the two meetings. 

These experts gave valuable inputs and perspectives, for instance, a presentation on the principle of Whole of Government (WoG) approach was delivered by Chris Mihm from US GAO. A video on the presentation of audit result of OAG Canada was also shown at the audit meetings. All mentors delivered their feedbacks on the SAI audit reports to improve the quality of the reports. At the end of each review meeting, Aranzazu Guillan from UNDESA emphasized the contribution of the audit of preparedness to SDGs implementation.

On the way forward, the IDI manager and mentors encouraged the SAI teams to be able to revisit and improve their audit reports based on the relevant inputs during the review meetings. The IDI manager informed the next steps to consider especially the deadline for sending back the final report to the IDI by June 29th.