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The state, as a factor of competitiveness – Latest on Public Finance Quarterly

26 April 2017

INTOSAI Development Initiative recommends reading the latest issue of Public Finance Quarterly

Rethinking of the role of the state is one of the important topics of the Economics and is the Public Finance Quarterly. Four studies are dealing with the correlation between state and competiveness. These studies examine the reducing of the tax burden after 2010, the whitening of the economy, the effect of the tax system to the corporate competitiveness and to the capital inflow, the absorption of EU funds, the catch- up performance of Hungary, and the financial, cost and P&L controlling in the public sector. In addition, we can read about Hungary’s possibility to escape from the trap of medium developments, and change of the Hungarian accounting regulations after the Austro-Hungarian Compromise, and after the Regime. One article is analysing the modelling risks the banks face with.