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Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency Scales-up Funding for the IDI Strategic Plan

30 April 2019

On 23rd April, IDI signed a five-year grant agreement of almost USD 8 million with Sida to fund implementation of the IDI Strategic Plan 2019-23.

The overall objectives of the Grant are effective public external audit by Supreme Audit Institutions, to promote transparency and accountability, effective public financial management, good governance, improved service delivery, fight corruption and contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable development. The grant and implementation arrangements are fully aligned behind the IDI Strategic Plan. The plan itself was developed following a review of implementation of the previous strategic plan, on request of Sida, and extensive stakeholder consultations.

Sida support for IDI reflects Sweden’s development cooperation strategy:

“Sida´s up-scale of the support to IDI´s strategic plan is in-line with the ‘Strategy for Sweden’s development cooperation in the areas of human rights, democracy and the rule of law 2018-2022’. With the entrusted support to IDI Sida is increasing the focus on strengthened democratic principles, processes and governance for independent and transparent societies based on the rule of law, as well as on reduced corruption, increased transparency and accountability – which Sida assesses IDI to be robustly and professionally equipped to contribute to.”

– Nivin Yosef, Democracy and Human Rights Unit, Department for International Organisations and Policy Support, Sida

Sida has generously scaled-up its support to 15m Swedish Kroner per year (USD 1,57m) from 11m per year previously. Sida has been a long-term financial partner of the IDI for many years and remains IDI’s second largest donor after Norway, where IDI is located.