IDI News

2019 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum

30 March 2019

Managers Alain Memvuh and Sebastian Gil attended Forum at the OECD headquarters in Paris from the 20-21 of March.

The IDI participation was related with potential contributions to (a) IDI’s “SAIs Fighting Corruption” Initiative, currently under implementations in English, Arabic and Spanish countries, and (b) to the planned project of Compliance Audit on Procurement with Data Analytics OLACEFS – ASOSAI.  As mentioned in OECD Forum website, over 1800 participants from 120 countries, gathered at OECD La Muette to debate on integrity and anti-corruption issues. Following this year slogan "Tech for Trust" activities were focused on the risks and opportunities of new technologies for anti-corruption & integrity. Therefore, specific issues such as blockchain, big data and data analytics were covered.

March 22nd Sebastian Gil attended the Auditors Alliance meeting  It is Chaired by OECD Public Sector Integrity, Public Governance Manager, with over 300 auditing actors from different countries and institutions (Internal audit bodies and internal audit organizations, Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) and SAI organizations, Sub-national internal and external audit entities and International organization audit bodies) shared their experiences and challenges in relation with auditing in an age of digital disruption. Also discussed was the use of data analytics and adapting to new technologies for auditing. There was also a presentation on the initial findings of OCDE’s survey questionnaire on auditing of new technologies, which among other issues also addressed areas in need of improvement, challenges and future trends.  Contributions from representatives from GAO (SAI USA), SAI Malta, European Court of Auditors, SAI of Australia, OECD (Public Sector Integrity, Public Governance), SAI of Finland and SAI of Chile, were quite relevant regarding IDI Initiatives and expectations.