Evaluation and reviews

Evaluations and reviews

Evaluations at the IDI reaffirm IDI’s commitment towards the capacity development of SAIs through continuous feedback and improvement. It represents the IDI’s effort to learn more systematically and rigorously. It also facilitates credible documentation of results and effectiveness. The IDI’s accomplishments depend on the ability to use evaluation results to strengthen efforts in supporting the work of SAIs and to refine decision-making. Besides the Mid-term Review of the Implementation of the current IDI Strategic Plan 2014-2018, several IDI programmes have been subject to internal and external evaluations.

The Mid-term Review of the IDI Strategic Plan 2014-2018 was conducted by Swedish Development Advisers and was very positive. The summary highlighted that:

The IDI has implemented a majority of its strategies and actions established from 2014 to 2017. In addition, the evidence shows that SAIs have made progress during the period towards ISSAI compliance as independent and accountable institutions. When designing capacity development programs, the IDI is highly sensitive to the needs of its stakeholders. The IDI has also implemented a series of important changes to the organization to become more efficient.

IDI has been successful in:

  • carrying out research, supporting and facilitating the work of the Task Group on INTOSAI Auditor Certification
  • building and establishing a Learning Management System and eLearning portal that is actively used
  • producing at least 16 tools, handbooks and guidance documents and developing a quality assurance process for Global Public Goods. A majority of SAIs in developing countries use the IDI’s tools and handbooks

The review included 12 recommendations in the areas of strategic priorities, programme design, development, delivery and monitoring. The IDI has already started to implement the recommendations and will continue implementing them in the next IDI Strategic Plan.

The following evaluations and reviews have also been conducted in the recent past:

  • Evaluation of the Audit of Lending and Borrowing Frameworks Programme
  • External Evaluation of Implementation of Strategic Plan 2007-2013
  • Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning Programme
  • 3i Programme
  • IDI-CBC Support Programme
  • INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation
  • US AID Due Diligence
  • DANIDA Review

The Evaluations and Reports can be downloaded here:

pdf Final Report Evaluation of the ALBF programme 7 May 2018 (569 KB)

pdf IDI Management Response to ALBF evaluation, FINAL (473 KB) pdf (473 KB)

pdf IDI Management Response to the Evaluation, 15 February 2018 (539 KB)

pdf External Evaluation of the Implementation of the Strategic Plan 2014-2018, 16 January 2018 (3.26 MB)

pdf IDI Management Response to 3i ARABOSAI FPO Evaluation, 2 November 2017 (509 KB)

pdf Evaluation Report 3i ARABOSAI FPO,28 July 2017 (723 KB)  

pdf Report on the evaluation of the 3i Programm 29 March 2015 (836 KB)

pdf Report on the mid-term internal review of the IDI CBC Support Programme, February 2015 (938 KB)

pdf IDI Governance Review Report, March 2015 (329 KB)

pdf IDI External Evaluation of Implementation of the Strategic Plan 2007-2013, 12 July 2013 (892 KB)